Save Tullig from West Cork Distillers

News coverage in the Irish Examiner

By Calvin Jones on August 19, 2021

We're delighted to see the Irish Examiner pick up on our campaign to #SaveTullig from inappropriate industrial development by West Cork distillers. This news piece ran online and in the print edition of the newspaper. A longer news feature is due to run in the newspaper over the weekend and we hope to publish that longer article to the site in its entirety in due course.

West Cork Distillers Planning Battle Looms
Screenshot of the coverage on the Irish Examiner website

You can read the article on the Irish Examiner site.

"We respect people’s right to object if they want to. I’ve talked to everyone in the area and I know them almost better than where I live at this stage. There’s no need for mud-slinging from anybody. "

John O'Connell, CEO, West Cork Distillers talking to The Irish Examiner

It's a little disingenuous of John O'Connell to claim in the article that he's talked to everyone in the area, and that he knows us almost better than he knows his own neighbours. Few residents here have had any contact with John or with West Cork Distillers, and for the few that have, contact has been minimal.

As for allegations of mud slinging, we certainly won't be resorting to such tactics as part of our campaign. We will, however, tell the truth. If the truth proves a little uncomfortable for some, so be it.

Article written by Calvin Jones
Calvin Jones is an author, freelance writer and naturalist who lives just down the road from the proposed development, in the adjacent townland of Clounkeen East. He is the founder of Ireland's Wildlife.

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