Save Tullig from West Cork Distillers

Underhanded planning tactics: West Cork Distillers is back!

By Calvin Jones on December 20, 2021

It was with disappointment, but no real surprise that members of the Tullig and Reenascreena Community Group greeted news over the weekend that West Cork Distillers intends to submit a new planning application for the construction of an industrial warehousing facility on a rural site at Tullig, Reenascreena/Leap.

Save Tullig from West Cork Distillers

"While all of us hoped for the best, I don't think any of us really believed West Cork Distillers would do the right thing and look for somewhere more appropriate to develop their industrial warehousing," said group member and local resident, Calvin Jones.

By submitting another application, West Cork Distillers is disregarding the tide of public opinion opposing this development, demonstrating contempt for rural West Cork Communities, and dismissing the concerns raised by the people who call this corner of West Cork home. It is also ignoring clear guidance from the planning authorities who deemed their original application invalid, and who raised serious concerns about the original application's location and scale.

What is perhaps most disturbing about the announcement is its timing.

"Attempting to slip this announcement through in the run-up to Christmas, and in the middle of a Covid surge, in the hope distracted residents might miss it, is cynical and calculated in the extreme," said Calvin. "It paints a very clear picture of West Cork Distillers' real corporate values, which seem a far cry from those they extol publicly. It shows just how low they will stoop in pursuit of profit above people, community and everything else."

Local resident John Blood, whose property is directly opposite the proposed development, agrees.

Niall Dignan with his beehives in Tullig/Reenascreena
Niall Dignan with his beehives in Tullig/Reenascreena

"This is a cynical and calculated move by West Cork Distillers," he said. "It is an extremely unwanted Christmas gift from the board members of the whiskey distillers, and not the type of seasonal spirit anybody wants around this area."

Niall Dignan, whose family home and artisan food production business sits alongside the proposed development, predicted this move as soon as the County Council dismissed West Cork Distillers' original application back in late August.

"So West Cork Distillers have decided that Christmas Week is a good time to resubmit their application for large-scale industrial warehouses at Tullig, Leap / Reenascreena," he said "Are we surprised? Cheers everyone!"

Despite West Cork Distillers' devious tactics, the rural community of Tullig and Reenascreena is watching, and is ready to oppose this totally inappropriate industrial development.

"Their underhanded tactics won't work," said Calvin. "We know what we're dealing with, and as before, residents of Tullig and Reenascreena are ready, willing and able to fight this inappropriate development as far as we need to. Again, though, we'd call on West Cork Distillers to think again, before they irrevocably tarnish their brand image in pursuit of short-sighted corporate greed.

"This is a company that puts West Cork at the heart of its brand identity locally, nationally and internationally. They need to show a little respect for West Cork now, and find a more appropriate location for their industrial warehousing facility."

See the text of the planning notice below:

The planning notice as published in the current edition of The Southern Star
Article written by Calvin Jones
Calvin Jones is an author, freelance writer and naturalist who lives just down the road from the proposed development, in the adjacent townland of Clounkeen East. He is the founder of Ireland's Wildlife.

Dreadful and a very sneaky approach to their planning application.

  1. We agree Keith. West Cork Distillers is really showing the communities of West Cork, County Cork and the rest of the country exactly where their values lie with this kind of behaviour. Can't imagine it will do their international reputation much good either when the news gets out... and it will get out!

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